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Are you hungry for delicious vegan food in Northern Melbourne? Come and enjoy the best restaurant in Preston– Sartoria, a customer-friendly Vegetarian Restaurant. What is better than Fun with Friends and Food?

T H E N E E D L E (Vegetarian)7.5
Sourdough / Bagel / Fruit Toast Buttered with side of strawberry jam or marmalade or peanut butter or vegemite or nutella
Add: Black Ruby gluten free bread+2.5

T H E T H R E A D15
Egg & Bacon Brioche Roll
Free range bacon, Australian cheddar, fried egg, tomato relish, house mayo

T H E S P I N D L E17.5
House Made Crispy Chilli Feta Scrambled Eggs
Add: Chorizo+5

T H E S A R T O R I A L I S T (Vegan) 13.5

House Made Bircher
Coconut yoghurt, fresh berries, apple, seeds, mint, w/ choice of milk

T H E J & C (Vegetarian)18.5

Smashed Avocado
on buttered sourdough toast, ashed goats cheese, tender stem broccolini, herbs, crispy chilli oil
Add: Poached egg2.5
Add: Smoked Tasmanian salmon+6

T H E S E A M S T R E S S (Vegetarian, GF)20.5
Potato Hash
Smashed peas, ashed goats cheese, poached eggs, roast beetroot labne Vegan: Avocado, pumkin puree, seeds, broccolini, beetroot
Add: Free range bacon+5

THE DESIGNER (Vegetarian)18.5

French Toast
Fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, nut choc meringue biscuit, maple syrup, mint

T H E B E R N I N A (Vegetarian)19.5
Corn Fritter (Please allow 20 min wait)
Avocado, creme fraiché, poached egg,leaves, seeds
Add: Free range bacon +5
Add: Smoked Tasmanian salmon +6


2 poached eggs on buttered sourdough toast with cider hollandaise, tender steamed broccolini, fried capers, with your choice of:
Pressed Pork 19.50
Roasted Mushrooms 19.5
Smoked Premium Tasmanian Salmon 21.5

T H E N E W Y O R K B A G E L 19.5

Smoked premium Tasmanian salmon, cream cheese, capers, spinach, fried egg

T H I C K C U T C H I P S 8

with house mayo


Poached, fried or scrambled on buttered sourdough toast
Black Ruby Gluten Free bread +2.5
Add Bagel +1


Cider hollandaise or tomato relish or extra egg 2.5
Roast tomato or spinach 4
Ashed goats cheese or spinach or roasted tomatoes or roast mushroom 4.5
Avocado or free range bacon or chorizo or potato hash or broccolini 5
Smoked Premium Tasmanian Salmon 6

S O U P O F T H E D A Y13.5

See our blackboard weekly special

T H E O R G A N Z A (Vegan)18.5
Super Grain Salad
Quinoa, freekeh, kale, smashed broccolini, pumpkin, beetroot, radish, seeds, house dressing
Add: Free range poached chicken +5.5
Add: Poached egg+2.5
Add: Coconut yogurt+3

T H E M A C H I N I S T20.5
Gippsland Beef Burger & Chips
Cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce, chipotle mayo, house pickles

Buttermilk Chicken Burger & Chips
Free range crumbed fried chicken, cheddar cheese, house pickles, lettuce, fresh tomato, mayo

T H E C A R M E L A (Vegetarian)21
Ricotta Gnocchi (House Made)
Roast pumpkin puree, diced pumpkin, brown butter, spinach, pecorino cheese

Poached egg & bacon on toast8
Smashed avo & poached egg on toast10
Kids beef burger & chips w/ lettuce & tomato12

Chicken: avocado, house mayo, leaves 13.5
Vegan: grilled eggplant, zucchini, salsa verde, leaves12.5
NY Reuben: Beef pastrami, Australian cheddar, pickles, slaw13.5
Toastie: Free range ham, cheddar, house mayo 9.5

Unfortunately, on weekends and public holidays, we can not split bills or change menu items.Although we endeavour to cater to those with food allergies, all food at Sartoria may contain traces of gluten, eggs, nuts and other allergens. 
We have a 10% surcharge on ALL public holidays

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